Afrolutionist highlights Aida Muluneh

By mmabatho


Award winning Ethiopian photographer and contemporary artist Aida Muluneh is set to exhibit twelve striking images at this year’s Women Deliver conference.


The exhibition is part of an open commission supported by the H&M Foundation and WaterAid in an effort to sensitize a core concern of the world -access to clean water. The exhibition explores the intersections of women, social justice and access to clean water through an Afrofuturist lens. While travelling across Ethiopia for her work, Muluneh would tend to encounter multiple women carrying multiple litres of water, travelling by foot. This imprinted as a symptom of water access inequality in her country, she saw fit to document the experiences of women in Dallol, a town in the Afar region in Ethiopia.


“My main goal in building this collection is to address the issues caused by a lack of access to water, and the impact which that has not only on a society as a whole, but on women, particularly in rural regions,” she says, further adding that it is mainly women who bear responsibility for collecting water – a burden that has great consequences for our future and the development of our nation. Muluneh’s focus in this exhibition is to create insight in with these issues using art, away from the cliché seen in mainstream media.


According to The World Health Organization, half of the world’s population would be living in water stressed areas. In 2015, Africa had over 300 million living living in a water scarce environment, particularly due to 66% of its land being arid or semi-arid. This global issue is the core reasoning towards Muluneh’s partnership with WaterAid Canada.  “One in three people around the world still don’t have access to clean water close to home which, in the twenty first century, is simply unacceptable.,” says Nicle Hurtubise,  CEO of WaterAid Canada. Further adding that access to clean water is fundamental for women’s and girls’ health and wellbeing, education and participation in decision-making.


The partnership aims to reach a new audience at the Women Deliver conference, to push for change that women and girls can have access to clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.‘Water Life’ will exhibit at the Women Deliver conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre from 3-6 June as part of WaterAid’s exhibition stand, booths 155 and 156. Visit their Women Deliver webpage for more information.