Baseera Khan spotlighted in ArtNet

By Katie White



With Memorial Day already fading to memory, we’ve finally arrived on the summery shores of June and the art calendar is slowly beginning to lull into its more tranquil warm-weather pace (or will after Basel, that is). 


And while you may be opting for sculpture gardens and sandals right about now, the quieter cultural months are also an ideal time to check out the work of emerging artists you may have missed amid the hubbub of the spring. To that end, here’s our list of five up-and-coming artists whose work you can see this June.


5. Baseera Khan in “Free to Be” at Jenkins Johnson Gallery


Taking its title from Free to Be You and Me, the progressive 1970s children’s program that explored the idea of identity, this two-person exhibition pairs the work of Brooklyn-based artists Rico Gatson and Baseera Khan. Here, “Seats,” Khan’s newest series of sculptures, steals the show. Rendered in various degrees of abstraction, her sculptures are intended as oblique portraits of each of the new members of the House of Representatives’ unprecedentedly diverse freshman class. Ranging from the silhouette of a head scarf to objects that call to seat cushions or neck pillows, the sculptures are fabricated from a hodgepodge of materials cut from prayer rugs, traditional Islamic wardrobes, undergarments, silk photographs from family albums, and come together to underscore how fabrics and textile designs, in and of themselves, can express cultural, racial, and gender identity.


Baseera Khan is on view in “Free to Be” through June 15 at Jenkins Johnson Gallery, 207 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn.