Basil Kincaid and Kennedy Yanko design cans for Seasons Sparkling

Move over La Croix. After wine and iced tea, sparkling water is the latest beverage to get the arty treatment. Seasons Sparkling, a Chicago-based producer of unsweetened fizzy water that uses “meticulously sourced premium organic plant-based ingredients”, has solicited the help of artists to design its cans. Described as “a new canvas for the arts”, the brand is collaborating with artists ranging from more familiar names such as Chicago-based photographer Laura Letinsky to emerging ones such as Basil Kincaid, Alex Bradley Cohen, Kennedy Yanko and Elizabeth Allen-Cannon. The company is dedicating 1% of its sales to the arts "to fund and promote artists and arts programming, and to donate to non-profit organisations”. The line is launching in the US this spring and will start popping up at openings alongside the more alcoholic bubbly art enthusiasts are used to. You can also find the can-sized art works on the company's website.