Ben Aronson Featured in Fine Art Connoisseur

Well-known painter Ben Aronson is the focus of a solo exhibition this fall in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Titled “Perspective and the Ephemeral,” the exhibition presents several of the artist’s newest works that highlight his signature synthesis of realism and abstraction in urban landscape subjects.


Activating both memory and the imagination, “Aronson’s gestural, impressionistic application of paint — while underpinned by a precision indicative of a remarkable eye for realism — conveys his imagery of streets, buildings, and faceless figures through suggestions of implied movement and space,” the gallery writes. “These works reveal his sense of impressionist spontaneity and the capacity of his paintings to pause upon a moment, prompting closer regard, and in looking, one is seductively drawn into the action of the painting itself. ‘Perspective and the Ephemeral’ also includes stunning floral still-lifes that reveal Aronson’s eloquence in describing the effects of light, color and shadow on a more delicate scale.”