Dialogues in Drawing Reviewed in the Bay Area Reporter

Jenkins Johnson Gallery 


If the shows mounted here have been inclusive, they've also been especially attuned (and allotted generous space) to works by women artists, who are often constrained or confronted by gender/identity politics, social upheaval, sexism and backlash. Gathering together an eclectic mix of 17 powerhouse female talents who use drawing as their primary medium or as a component of multimedia projects, Dialogues in Drawing is an exhibition of unexpected abundance, with 144 pieces such as Alison Saar's "Coup Study" (2006), in which a nude woman sits on a chair as if poised to make a run for it. Gripping a fearsome pair of scissors on her lap, her long braided hair is entwined around a pile of suitcases struggling to break free. Two bohemian vendors, each with trays of confections balanced on her shoulders, face off in Amy Cutler's "Peddling in the Poppies" (2016). In one of Damali Abrams' tangy collages, pop culture icon Rihanna, swathed in gold lame and peacock feathers, stands next to a sign throwing it all down: "You think I'm not a goddess," it asserts. "Try me." Just saying. Through May 13; jenkinsjohnsongallery.com.