Galerie Magazine Names "A Thousand Plateaus" One Of 12 Incredible Shows to See in New York This Summer

Chris Berntsen, Erotohistoriography Riis 1960/2017, 2019, archival hand collaged, pigment print

By Galerie Editors

July 3, 2019


As summer kicks into high gear and the art market quiets down, contemporary galleries take the opportunity to experiment with innovative group exhibitions. From introducing young and emerging talent to exploring contemporary political and social issues, these are the must-see exhibitions of the season.


3. ‘A Thousand Plateaus’

Jenkins Johnson Gallery


Curated by conceptual artist Hank Willis Thomas along with Daphne Takahashi, “A Thousand Plateaus” focuses on the mixed-media assemblage as an outlet for identity reconstruction. Featuring new works by Chris Berntsen, Camille Hoffman, Kambui Olujimi, and Patrice Renee Washington, the exhibition draws from the 1980 philosophical text A Thousand Plateaus by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, which examines the “assemblage” as an entity composed of malleable parts. Investigating physical and mental states of construction and deconstruction, artists reference societal happenings and personal experiences to address feelings of confinement and moments of freedom within their own identity.


When: Through August 17

Where: 207 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn